January 23, 2012

2 JeeNodes go to a bar ...

Well, we are 1/12th into 2012 now and I have been dutifully implementing JCW recommendation for the new year of wisely using my 5,000 waking hours and I am happy to report that I have had my setup controlling my HVAC and reporting the temperatures on pachube (I even fixed some bugs in the jPachube library while I was at it, open source fun) for 5 months now, despite some initial skepticism from some members of the Jee community which I am happy to be part of, however small my participation and time allotment to it is.

The funny part is there have been some glitches, one of them was that the JeeLink totally disappeared from Linux, like the USB port had nothing plugged in it. But that is the beauty of internet, I was able to fix everything remotely after that...

anyway, I also have been working on a very simple little GWT application to make a very nice, though simple, UI for the off-the-shelf sketch loaded on the JeeNodes to allow anyone to use them with point and click ease. I will share after having -slowly, mind you- spent time on it to make it shareable.

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