January 24, 2012

using tools properties for easy day-to-day operations

You can use the tools.properties file in the /config directory for either OpenDS, OpenDJ or any UnboundID product (DS, Proxy or Sync) to make your life tremendously easier when dealing with your regular instance.
Here's how, simply enter your regular parameters like so:


then invoking dsconfig will be as easy as just typing the command, all the parameters will be automatically picked up from the properties file:

# bin/dsconfig
Arguments from tool properties file:  --useNoSecurity true --hostname
localhost --port 9389 --bindDN o=i --bindPasswordFile config/i.pwd

>>>> UnboundID Directory Server configuration console main menu

What do you want to configure?

    1)  Backend               7)   Log Retention Policy
    2)  Connection Handler    8)   Log Rotation Policy
    3)  Global Configuration  9)   Password Generator
    4)  Local DB Index        10)  Password Policy
    5)  Location              11)  Password Validator
    6)  Log Publisher         12)  Work Queue

    o)  'Basic' objects are shown - change this
    q)  quit

Enter choice: 


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