April 14, 2017

US Privacy Enforcement Bodies

In the midst of all sorts of privacy concerns with the current administration, all is not lost. Here is who to look to for privacy enforcement, defending your rights, protecting your business and stay compliant ...

  • Domestically
    • FTC
      • oversees everything everywhere basically anything can end up being a deceiving trade practice depending how you spin it ...
      • DNC (Do Not Call)
    • FCC
    • HHS enforces 
      • HIPAA compliance (or lack thereof)
      • HITECH
    • CFPB
    • EEOC 

April 12, 2017

Updating AWS AMI without losing you motd

One thing that may irritate you when you want to bring an AMI up to date is that the motd you may have customized might get overwritten. Here's a simple way to avoid that from happening.:
sudo update-motd --disablesudo yum update -ysudo update-motd --enable